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Hulu Review & Pricing


Hulu is a TV streaming and movies online platform.

Best for

Those who are looking for the on-demand type of streaming or video subscription service.

Not for

Those who just like randomly to watch video content.

– There are bundles where you can get different services, alongside Hulu, like Disney +, ESPN+…
– Hulu is providing the access to the latest aired TV shows.
– This streaming platform is on-demanded service-oriented.– It is not ads-free in its basic package.
– Although it can compete with Netflix very well, Hulu still has, almost, twice less content than Netflix.


HuluHulu No AdsHulu+ Live TV
$5.99 per month, and $59.99 annually. (not ads-free)$11.99 per month, and is ads-free.$64.99 per month, you also get Live TV with 65+ top channels, alongside the ability to record it, no cable needed.

Free version

  • There is no free version of this service,
  • However, there is a 30-day free trial for first to packages, and a 7-day free trial for third, for which you need to leave your information, although you can switch to another plan or cancel it at any time.