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Luxury wristwatch

Watches that will undoubtedly show your rich status in 2021

Wristwatches aren’t just a fashion detail. Wearing the more expensive and stylish of them, add a statement of one’s status, wealth, and place in society. For that purpose, we chose 3 models to keep an eye on.

Celebrities and watches

On some occasions, watches speak for themselves and for the celebrity wrist that wears them. Some of these watches cost a 6 digit figure! On one of those occasions, one of the best football players ever Cristiano Ronaldo was seen wearing a Frank Mullet Turbion, with 474 rectangle diamonds, which is worth about $1500000. But that is nothing comparing to one of the richest athletes in the world, Floyd Mayweather, who was seen wearing a Jacob & Co Billionaire Watch, made completely out of diamonds, that is priced at an astonishing $18000000!

Best luxury watches in 2021

Currently, some of the most trendy watches that will make your appearance undoubtedly rich are:

● Golden Rolex Daytona (reference: 116508),

This Rolex model is usually worn by one of the best footballers Eriling Halland. Its golden-green dial will make your appearance quite luxurious. It is priced at around $103000, and more about it you can find here.

● Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept- Black Panther,

This watch can be seen on another football superstar, Brazilian Neymar. An interesting fact about this watch is, that it is made of just 250 of it, so it is a limited edition dedicated to Marvel superhero Black Panther. In other words, you will be very special if you are seen wearing one of these. Its value is around $170000, and more about it you can find here.

● Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Tourbillon OpenWorked,

This one is one of the rarest watches in the world. Its design and rarety as well will provide you that rich and wealthy look that you want to make. It can be often seen on the wrist of the comedian Kevin Hart, and its price is around $225000. You can find more about it here.


If none of these watches are satisfying your need for a posh and rich look, then you may check these as well:

● Patek Philippe Nautilus, priced at around $120000 (usually worn by Zlatan Ibrahimovic),

● Golden Rolex Daytona model: “Tiger’s eye”, priced at $125000 (usually worn by Jimmy Butler),

● Rolex Day-Date, priced at around $50000 (usually worn by Conor McGregor).