Time is Precious

Rich man counting money at the table

The Unique Gifts for Men, Who are So Rich They Have Everything

We’ve all met a man so rich that it is difficult to choose a gift for him. When you come across anything special, it turns out he already has it. However, there is a pretty long list of unbeatable gifts even for such men.

Drink and Smoke At the Same Time

This cigar-holding whiskey glass is so special and handy! The glass will hold his cigar for him. Drinking and smoking simultaneously, while reading his favorite magazine or watching sports games – what could be better?

All-in-One Speaker and Charging Table

This high-tech side table is a speaker and a phone charger in one! The table can be paired with any Bluetooth device and play music while charging the phone. There’s plenty of room thanks to the extensible top.

 Bonsai Tree

Bonsai” is a  Japanese transliteration of the Chinese word “banzai,” which means “tray planting.” Bonsai is a term that refers to any plant that has been grown in a vase or a pot at a small scale. Bonsai enthusiasts appreciate this hobby for calming, nearly meditative effects.

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