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New Fashion Industry Trends

The new eco-trend in the fashion industry could disrupt the traditional business model forever

Nowadays, millennials are heavily concerned about their environment and ecological awareness of it. This trend caused disruptions in almost every business niche, but it could possibly change the fashion industry forever.

What is going on?

Currently, there is a strong school of thought that claims that the whole fashion industry, especially the luxury niche must transfer to responsible and eco-friendly manufacturing. This means that majority of their products will be made from organic and reusable materials, which will protect the environment, however, it will increase the costs of producing. But what effects will cause this?


This new trend caused many effects on the industry itself, but we will single out these three as the most important ones:

  • Because of this, soon the “true” luxury product will be only considered if it is made from 100% organic and reusable material.
  • In connection with the previous, this will drastically raise the cost of any piece of clothes.
  • The last one is about the manufacturing itself. This eco-awareness trend also includes humanizing the process of production. Which the main goal is to stop with the cheap workforce, and the minimal wage, especially in countries of Southeast Asia, will raise. This will provoke a rapid increase in the cost of production, which will change the process itself forever.


This trend will continue to grow, as millennials are becoming the main target group and the major stakeholders in every industry. For more about this, you can check here.