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The monoliths- stories, myths and facts

The monoliths. Stone formed objects that evoked massive reaction global, because of their mysterious appearance and disappearance in different parts of the world.

What are monoliths exactly?

From the geological point of view, monoliths are single massive stone or rock, usually not that small as the ones that are currently trending (there are monolith mountains). The trend is actually referring to the architectural meaning of the monoliths, which, in this term, means a single large piece of stone, often a building or a monument. But what about the myths?

Popular monolith myths

The stories say that these objects appear from nowhere and, without the warning, just mysteriously disappear. The latest story was noted in November in Utah, Red Rocks County, when the mysterious stone appeared, and then suddenly disappear. Not long after this event, the new one emerged in Romania, outside the city of Piatra. Here are some popular myths about those events:

  • Evidence of alien lifeform on Earth (similar to Kubrick`s 2001: A Space Odyssey), 
  • UFO sightseeing (some people claim that they have seen some UFO activities above that spot),
  • Divine signs because of the plague year.

Some facts

The fact is that, although there are serious indications that those monoliths are man-made, and was put there purposely (or not) by someone, no one ever confirmed that he/she did this. However, its mysterious disappearance was busted, when famous climber Sylvan Christensen removed it (and post the video of the removal on his Instagram profile) and said that it is sad to remove a mysterious object such as this, but it has to be done since its popularity is destroying the wildlife around, which was untouched in years. You can see more facts, myths, and stories about the monolith here.