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World deepest pool

Guinness record for the world’s deepest pool has been broken in Dubai

Just recently the Guinness world record in pool depth has been broken. Moreso, the pool itself looks marvelous and quite amazing.

World deepest pool

This pool is located in Dubai, UAE. It is open for visitors just recently, and there are many features that you can enjoy while exploring it, for which you need a solid amount of time. Some of the features are.

Features of the pool

Here are some of the most important features that you should know if you are planning a visit.

  • Dimension,

Its surface covers the area of six Olympic pools, and its depth is 60 meters.

  • Design,

It is designed to look like an underwater, sunken city similar to Atlantis.

  • Time of exploring,

You can’t explore it whole in one dive. You have to do it several times to see all of its parts.

Looking for more

If you are interested in visiting this amazing pool, you can see how it looks here.