Time is Precious


10 most popular types of food- How long does it take to digest?

For every healthy diet, it is essential to know which types of food should be mixed based on their digesting time.

What is digesting time?

Digesting time is a necessary time for our body to process the food we took. It varies, depending on the type of food, for some, it needs more and for some, it needs less, usually based on the calory and macronutrient value of the food.

How long does it take?

Here are some of the most popular types of food that we have singled-out, and their digesting times.

  • Water (although it is not a food)= 0 minutes,
  • Juice= 20-25 minutes,
  • Grain= 120 minutes approximately,
  • Seasoned and oiled salad= around 60 minutes,
  • Fish= 40-60 minutes,
  • Cooked vegetable= around 40 minutes,
  • Chicken meat= 90-120 minutes,
  • Dairy products= around 120 minutes,
  • Nuts= 180 minutes,
  • Beef= 180-240 minutes.


Also, it is important how to combine them, for example, avoid drinking during or right after the meal, don’t mix dried fruit with nuts, or the fruit rule, which says that you should only eat fruit before or at least 30 minutes after the meal. If you want to find out more, you can check here.