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Rainier Weber Unique Gold-Plated AK47 Chair

Rainier Weber Unique Gold-Plated AK47 Chair Review

The Austrian designer Rainier Weber, impressed by the book about Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the AK-47 assault rifle, decided to combine furniture and weapons. He got an extravagant armchair as a result.

 The AK47 chair uses eponymous guns as chair legs and armrests. Its frameworks and the parts of the guns were plated with gold part by part. After that, the object of art has been assembled back together. The hand-made red, black, and gold fabrics from London and Venice complete the design.

Plated with 22-karat gold, the chair comes with three additional gold-plated accessories – a Falcon seat, a soldier’s helmet, brought from Russia and covered with gold, and a cartridge belt with original AK47 cartridges. 

This chair is a limited edition and has the  “Art not War” inscription on each part.

Buying this exclusively unique gold chair will cost you about $127,000. There is also a Chrome version of the item, priced at about $85,000. You can get more information about the chair here
You can also read the interview with Rainier Weber on JamesEdition luxury spot, to get the idea of why people are buying the AK 47 chairs for their houses.