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Harley-Davidson IRONe Electric Balance Bike

Harley-Davidson IRONe Electric Balance Bike Review

The Harley-Davidson IRONe Electric Balance Bike is not actually a bicycle in the truest sense. This version of the kid toy has an electric engine that drives it forward more like a motorcycle.


The device has a peak speed of 11 mph. It means that even when your child is ready to release the full force of the engine, it won’t start like a spacecraft. Also, it is quite safe if you watch your kids in the course of action and equip them with appropriate protective gear.


The battery allows the IRONe to run for up to 60 minutes. You can readily replace it using a special button.  Parents will also be capable to remove the battery entirely at the outset if they want their children to practice equilibrium and maneuvering before embarking on a powered spree.

Models and prices

IRONe12 and IRONe16 are the two devices available. The former is geared towards children aged three to five years old and has a peak speed of nine miles per hour. The latter is for children aged five to seven, and it reaches a top speed of 11 mph. Aside from the top speeds, the bikes have varied sizes of wheels. They do, however, share the same TIG-welded frame from aluminum and an overall modern look.

The IRONe12 price is $745 and you will pay $949 for the IRONe16 model. You can get more information about both devices here.