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Albino Miranda Surreal Dining table

Albino Miranda Surreal Dining Table Review

Surreal dining table from Albino Miranda is an exquisite item, which will transform your dining room completely, adding a stunning futuristic touch to your surroundings.


The Albino Miranda is a Portuguese brand that creates amazing furniture items. Albino is concentrating on creating two product lines. Although there are some parallels between them, they are radically distinct in terms of style.

Karpa line

Karpa line represents unique goods with a standing-out design.  The Karpa items are inextricably linked to sculpting.  The influence of chiseling is noticeable. In addition, the distinctive style combines unique ideas with high-quality materials that meet the needs of any specific customer.

Design and materials

Surreal dining table with walnut top from Karpa line is a quintessence of uniqueness. Its shapes make a great impression at the first glance. The design has a touch of surrealism and strongly refers to nature. The base of this stylish table resembles the intertwined roots of trees. 

The table’s design has free lines and creativity of mind. The dimensions of the item are 290 x 120 x 75 cm. Also, it has a brass-colored base and a high-gloss walnut top. Moreover, there is a glass fiber reinforced resin on top. 


The price tag is not low – $ 10,375. However, this item is worth the money, bringing true joy to every lover of utilitarian design. Here, you can learn more about the product.